Reply To: Is there a divine unfoldment that is occurring in our life?

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Expanding on my previous thought on Divine unfoldment, How do we go about our day on doing something that we don’t have choice? For example, like going to the same mundane job everyday which we aren’t truly passionate about? I understand we are the universe and that we manifest our own reality. Also the importance of being in the present moment accepting situations,circumstance, people the way there are. And not having any resistance, anticipation, regret on anything. Do we spontaneously manifest our deepest desires at the soul level? I agree that “working” hard is useless. To let thing naturally unfold and be inspired to take actions. Are we waiting for that inspirational moment to live our dreams or intentions? I meditate twice a day 20 minutes each in asking myself. Who am I? What do I want? What is my purpose, etc? Much love. Navdeep