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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Lili:
On the “The subatomic particles that the cosmos is built upon wink in and out of existence continually. Like a cosmic on/off switch, there is a mechanism that turns nothing (the so-called vacuum state) into a teeming ocean of physical objects.” And “In unimaginably small scales of time, vibrations of quanta come out of emptiness and quickly merge back into emptiness, but this quantum on/off cycle is totally invisible to us.”

Based on the above, you are asking about apports, the manifestation of objects “out of nothing”. Yes, indeed, we have heard of this. Objects can manifest out of the sea of Consciousness. How and in what circumstances, it will take a while to discuss. Let me just say that there are powers that seem beyond the ordinary. But isn’t life itself the greatest of mysteries? Quantum paradigm makes it more probable to account for such manifestations than classical world of ordinary senses.


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