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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Derek:

You state in short: “I believe that the Source intention for the creation of all form is to continually deepen the experience of Love and beauty, which it does utilizing a myriad of form experiences. An important one of these is pain.
For just as in each individual human, the capacity to be more empathetic, compassionate, understanding and forgiving, tender, playful etc grows with each lived experience of pain, so too it seems Source , via the human species, deepens its capacity to be Love, via the global experiences of pain.

Can it be that all dysfunction, including wars, eco-destruction, slavery, mass captivity and inhumane farming of other sentient beings etc – is serving exactly as it is intended, the Source intention of deepening the Source capacity to create even more wondrously from Love?”

Indeed, all is Love. Life is the cosmic University! We are born and learn to love, we remember who we truly are. All these “dysfunctions” are there to turn us to the true nature of who we are, to remember who we are. We live in love, grown in love and merge back into love.

We have two choices: Either we live in a perfect universe where duality is an appearance that dissolves when we acquire true vision. Or, the universe is imperfect, full of dualities, with no purpose and nowhere to go. Which one shall we choose? It is up to us. As we state in our book, we live in a human universe, meaning we have a choice.