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Thank you, dear @deepakchopra, for your clear and comprehensive, step-by-step answer for how soul exists independently of our human incarnation (and, presumably, simultaneously with our human existence as it is never born and never dies, right?)

I must say, when I first heard you say there are 17 principles, I thought, anything that takes 17 principles to explain is going to be a challenge to understand! I realize I will need to listen to it many times (and may transcribe it to post here for others to read, as some in the Facebook live asked about that) to firmly grasp the words you use to describe a process that is, at heart, ineffable.

What resonated with me most is your description of how water is always water in any form it takes on, and so our souls. We are a drop in the midst of a vast ocean of souls and, though our essence may change form and merge or individuate with the collective (just as a drop of rain, the mist of fog, steam from a tea kettle, a cloud, a stream, lake or ocean is always what we humans dub “water”), so we are always, and in all ways, ourselves. I love this!

And as humans, we have the benefit of imagination, creativity and curiosity to investigate these questions and choose how we want to apply them in our human lives: for inner enrichment? To share with others? To speak, write, paint or perform? To work towards opening souls in whatever ways our God-given (or Source-given) talents have blessed us?

Or, for fear, destruction, hurt, anger, and despair?

So while we’re living in our human universe, we can choose to see our lives as blessed or cursed, rich or poor, a gift or a burden. And we can serve as an example to others. That feels hopeful.

But here’s my question to others in this forum (that includes you, @aurorac, @jenniferl, @menask, @derekw, et al. and I hope I have your handles right!): are there ways to make this “hope” go viral? It seems humanity is programmed, evolutionarily-speaking, to respond viscerally and spread the memes of hatred, fear and anger (protective factors–or are they?), in ways that compassion, empathy, gratitude, joy and kindness do not kindle. How can we spread the meme of hope?

Religion once was the vehicle for that, but I’m religious forms have calcified, it seems (there are exceptions, of course). This forum is a wonderful place for those with like minds (soul mates?) to congregate, but what are the ways to break out into the world and spread the virus of love?