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Dear @menask,
Thanks for your kind response. Yes, we exist “beyond forms and names,” as you point out, and dreams do seem like a less heavy/dense way of navigating reality. I am in a Dream Circle, where we share dreams and experiences and invite others to share what the get “in my dream of your dream.” So it’s not psychological, the practice comes from Native American dreaming traditions and others.

I have also taken a great online course with Robert Moss – he teaches a really wonderful mix of creative dream practices in this and parallel worlds (he calls it shamanic dreaming), underpinning these dream practices with the rigor of a cultural scholar of antiquities. Great blog, too.

What I like about this sharing is that everyone gets a fragment of what you call the “one beyond all” that can expand our awareness and invite in greater insights. This feels true to me.

Does anyone else in this forum cultivate practices of shamanic dreaming like this?

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