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Dear Aurora,

Thank you for your reply, which makes elegant sense to me. “All beings have only so much free will as they have awareness” <—love this. I have often wondered what it is that drives people with antisocial/psychopahtic tendencies to do what they do. If their brains simply process information differently, as neuroscientist James Fallon found, it helps me forgive them more easily, “for they know not what they do.” Still, very sad. And there are others who are freely transmitting “bad karma” into the world via intentionally harmful actions…

Bringing the question back to whether the brain creates the mind, I found this video interesting. It shows the capability of AI to replace human jobs, the way cars replaced horses. It strikes me that unless we transition away from a work-based economy, and people learn how to reconnect with and live from nature the way wild animals do (rather than he domesticated forms we have become), we risk propagating further inequalities in the system. My brain is telling me that those who build, control, and have access to automation will control the economy of the future, and either not have awareness of or not care for the 45% of the population whose jobs will be replaced. I can only hope that this shift happens with enough foreknowledge that the birth rate among unskilled classes declines (but many of them, perhaps due to lack of womens’ education, will continue to reproduce beyond their means through lack of awareness/biological instinct) and people are supported to live to old age… i count myself lucky as a professional (over-employed physician, now at the bottom of the top 1% in income) but my job is also replaceable, my partner and I notice our biological/familial instinct to have children (both sets of parents want grandkids as none of our siblings are having kids) but I am not sure it’s ethical to bring children into the world when their lives could be so constricted, and I want to do what I can to alleviate suffering. My heart feels heavy with all the suffering I have become conscious of in the world. And because I am aware, I feel responsible.

What is one to do? Thank you for reading and listening here. It is comforting that there is a medium like this with which one can communicate with other souls who have tasted enlightenment and are centered in love. I have read your comments on other threads and appreciate how you help to hold space for those here. Thank you. Would appreciate any thoughts you have on this, when you have time to share.


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