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Derek Whitney
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Thank you Menas and Deepak

we certainly share and align on almost all, if not all and anything I say is always underpinned by my three favourite quotes from 3 of the greatest thinkers of all time:

1) Confucius – “A man’s intelligence is in direct proportion to his awareness of his own ignorance
2) Einstein – ‘The more that I have learned, the more I realise how little I know.”
3) Socrates – ‘I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.’

and of course it is all contextualised beautifully in Einstein’s ‘This I know to be true – there is a vast, unlimited intelligence (energy) that sits behind and within all of the natural universe and that by comparison with which, every human thought is of complete and utter insignificance.’

To me, eternal ‘Being and Knowing’ are one and the same.
We are, at once and in every breath, both everything and nothing.

To analyse via thought is to lose clarity…although it can be an interesting and enjoyed discussion as it is on here.

But, as you and the other great sages of history allude – to unlimitedly and spontaneously ‘just b’e the wondrous unlimitedly powerful, creative, intelligent, sensitive, beautiful, Loving essence expressed uniquely via one’s form is the highest experience available.
Spontaneous Love in action – gifting optimal cellular flow.

‘Tis all an eternal Loving miracle and when lived from being – a never ending child’s game of awe, wonder, creativity, play, affection, joy, happiness, kindness, sharing, caring, tenderness …in short….LOVE.

Namaste and thank you to all participating in the forum and the ageless, eternal miraculous game that is life.