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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Robin, you bring up so many interesting issues! I think the handles you used were correct except @derek-whitney who might enjoy this discussion too 🙂

First of all, yes, I too have practiced shamanic dream techniques, but it’s been a while, nowadays I simply surf the field of information in the waking state, if I need to know anything in spacetime. Came to think of Deepak’s description of his dream experiences, they might interest you if you haven’t watched already: Readers Ask: Deepak Chopra’s Personal Experience of Higher Consciousness

Second, I too have listened to the 17 principles presented by Deepak many times, letting them sink in, and my conclusion is that what they do is overthrow the mistaken view that we are the contents of awareness. They return identity to where it belongs, awareness itself.

Now to your question:

…are there ways to make this “hope” go viral? It seems humanity is programmed, evolutionarily-speaking, to respond viscerally and spread the memes of hatred, fear and anger (protective factors–or are they?), in ways that compassion, empathy, gratitude, joy and kindness do not kindle. How can we spread the meme of hope?

Religion once was the vehicle for that, but I’m religious forms have calcified, it seems (there are exceptions, of course). This forum is a wonderful place for those with like minds (soul mates?) to congregate, but what are the ways to break out into the world and spread the virus of love?

As I see it, it’s simply a matter of the expansion of collective consciousness from reptilian reflexes to conscious, expanded self-awareness. We are turning into a new species, I think. We are collectively evolving. What people have done up to now comes from the self-awareness people have collectively been able to access, and the role of religion I think was to create frames of conduct that make social existence possible. But times have changed, as you say, and these frames are no longer relevant, and most of all, I think that people are seeking freedom from all imposed, outer rules, in order to discover their inner truth. In a way, it’s similar to what teenagers do when they refuse to follow rules given by parents and go out and search for their own life. They don’t yet have the wisdom, but they don’t want the conditioned thinking anymore. I think humanity as a whole is there somewhere, making all the mistakes one makes when one no longer accepts morally imposed rules while searching for one’s own authentic higher values.

For everyone has values and is seeking increased well-being, isn’t that so? Evolutionary, we first get improved well-being by devouring the competition, then we get it by emotionally bonding with a mate, family, tribe, we later increase it by intellectually making/creating sense of the world, and finally we find complete well-being in our true identity as Being. It’s a collective expansion of self-awareness.

Seeing it this way helps remove the blame and effort. If everyone is doing the best they can from where they are, and if everyone is actually moving forward at their own pace… then all is well already. All we can do is act from the intention to facilitate our own and everyone’s evolution. In that way we will be aligned with the flow of the great universal stream, moving forward at maximum speed in the best possible direction.

That’s my take and am looking forward to other views that can expand mine!