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I want to thank Mr. Chopra for that magnificient summary.

My question is can Consciousness or Pure Awareness be likened to Information? Or is it simply Information?

Here is an analogy in my mind:

In my imagination I regard Consciousness/Spirit as Infinite Information.
Our Soul is a filtering/limiting mechanism of this Infinity which may be likened to software program and creates what Mr. Chopra calls “Constructs” according to the program which is being run.
And our Body is a specifically designed computer which convert the “Informational Constructs” into its physical correspondence through the nervous system and brain.

As a consequence of this process Information is getting IN-FORMATION and absolute information expresses itself relatively in a time-space environment which we call “Cosmos”.

The reason why I asked this question is Consciousness/Awareness is highly abstract concept for me to think about. I want to replace it with more tangible concept in order to gain more apprehension about it.

Thank you and please apologise me if I have made any grammar mistake.

Lots of love from Istanbul.

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