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Hi Aurora, I enjoyed reading what you said about us changing as a species, towards a new evolution. Your description of the path that humans have travelled for so long, the passage of ritual through all stages of life through to coming back to our being. So true, we do wake up to ourselves, and it seems in this that there is endless possibility and creation of experience is really happening with manifestation through thought of consciousness. Someone else further mentioned thought and what is beyond thought and is consciousness beyond thought. Well it must be it is simply being in this state of awareness of ones self. WIthout thought we are still able as a being able to be. In co creation with the all and one universe. However there are such hurdles in life and stages on this planet. Seeing destruction at this time on levels through politicians and the mere case of Korea and potential war, poses such a questions to how come this is happening again to human consciousness, people are indeed evolving and yet there is still this conflict within the world a “duality” that is reflected harshly at this time with such things on the world scale.

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