Reply To: Readers Ask: Does the Soul Have Independent Existence?

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Aurora Carlson
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Hi @ziewatt (it’s Suzie, right?) thanks for your reply!
I certainly hear you! None of us can possibly ignore the chaos and destruction on our planet today. But what I think we can do is not react from the lower drives we all have access to. We can respond to aggression with peace, to greed with understanding and generosity, to fear with the knowledge of our true power. We can be that which we know we are, even while others are fully immersed in blindly following lower drives. We can also ask questions- that is something I do all the time. Instead of just following the old logic of the limited awareness, in all contexts I possibly can, I ask questions which have the potential to help people realize the absurdity of some thoughts, emotions and actions.

In other words, we can demonstrate and affirm. And also, as @robin said, we can gather like we do here, to strengthen and reaffirm our insights about reality. This is very helpful I think, and I always remember a metaphor Deepak once used years ago, when he compared the process with what is happening in the decomposing carcass of a caterpillar, while a new type of cells start to connect and create a whole new type of organism- the butterfly.

I can hear Deepak’s voice encouraging us to “expand the conversation”. So let’s invite everyone who is ready to live and speak from self-knowledge. We can open all doors and connect as a whole new type of humanity that exists in a state of universal intelligence, peace and beauty, and that projects that state as new structures and realities. We simply can’t excuse stagnation by pointing to what we are leaving behind, we must move forward, at full speed.

Does this resonate with you?