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Hi @lindzyb,
Just catching up on some of the discussions on this thread. What you suggest about spiritual and scientific inquiry containing both the whole and diversity at once really resonated:

“Each path, and each individual, can be seen as validly independent from the whole while still being connected to the whole, offering more diversity AND unity at the same time while researching spiritual inquiry and human subjective experience.”

I work with scientists quite a bit as a science writer. Many insist that science is our best way of seeing and understanding the universe. (Would they call their belief system “scientism”? It pretty much feels like just another religion). They spend time in their labs siloed off from other scientists and other fields of knowing, looking to understand the whole of our magnificence–and to find cures–through ever-smaller slices of matter and biology misusing reductionist thinking as a way of extrapolating from the smallest part to the largest. I know @deepakchopra has had his disagreements with some of the world’s most eminent scientists for their refusal to acknowledge there is a Force beyond us that empowers all and in which we are all connected.

And when scientists don’t want to/aren’t able to talk about their work in plain language, using metaphors and analogies, and taking the creative leaps that can bring it the work alive to the rest of us, they come off as arrogant, detached and dismissive of those who are not part of their tribe (and btw, this exists between siloes as well, where they don’t even share a common vocabulary!)

Is it any wonder that many people don’t trust science? They see it as disconnected from their lives, and scientists as living in a whole different universe.

I believe that process of bringing science to life is crucial! I think the recent March on Science throughout the world, and the Climate March, show that the majority of people don’t want to ignore the findings of science.

It would truly be wonderful if science could finally “awaken” as you suggest, “to recognize that science is in fact a function of consciousness and the more we unify the across disciplines, the closer we will come to a true expression of the nature of reality.”

How do we all join forces to make that happen?