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Thanks, Aurora, for your insights. Wonderful that you have honed that ability to step into the liminal state in waking life. That is something I am able to do while I’m writing and in the creative flow, but I don’t think I have yet been able to summon it at-will. As a soul-in-developing-awareness, I will work on that!

Your evolutionary steps remind me of the work of Ken Wilber, and his integral theory of human development. Do you know his work (and perhaps we have talked about this)? I highly recommend it. He looks at stages-levels-lines of evolution and increasing awareness in a spiral of evolution. It integrates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual frameworks. And he also posits that we are emerging into a new evolutionary stage–Human 2.0. This is a relatively slow process over generations, although there is some evidence that it has been speeding up over time. But the spiral is not a steady curve of progress and, indeed, he recently wrote a paper to say that humanity at its present state of highest awareness (he calls this “green” – global, scientific, diverse) has taken a serious turn off course (and completely devoid from any standards of truth, or universal moral values) and needs a serious course correction if we are to not destroy ourselves and the planet. And that’s only for those at the highest evolutionary level so far–the majority of people in the world are at varying turns of the spiral and, as you suggest, everyone is navigating to find meaning and connection in their own way from their own level of awareness.

It’s a great model to use in coaching, as it turns out, and I have assigned myself the task of working to apply the model in my coaching practice. You (and others here) may find that application it of interest.

Wondering if anyone else here is a student of Ken Wilber’s work?