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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Robin, I love the way you always enrich the conversation!
Yes, I am familiar with Ken Wilber’s work, I often cite it to challenge my psychology teachers who are most comfortable within a body&psyche view of the self only. I have found his theory of holons to be most useful in understanding how every level includes and transcends the prior ones, and the inclusion factor is always important for me to remember. No real expansion happens through exclusion, we need to be mindful of that trick of the ego.

I have also found that I agree with many aspects detailed by different evolutionary psychologists, and with Spiral Dynamics which Wilber discusses and which has its roots in many different theories, Erikson and Maslow being some of my favourites. Graves has introduced that theory and Beck and Cowan wrote the book Spiral Dynamics, have you read it? Someone who also makes great sense is Calleman, who studies the Mayan calendar and has a very beautiful explanation of how there are different vibrational spirals that evolve concomitantly, some of a lower vibration and some, which have been activated only recently, of very high vibration. This way of seeing things makes it easier to understand how come some people are evolving “up there, in the sky”, while some are still grappling with the lowest human impulses. Eastern knowledge of chakras explains this same layered evolution in terms of which chakras are open and activated.

But we have to be mindful of categorizations! I think we all agree that there is evolution and that it includes us all in one way or another. Something Deepak once said was very useful to me on my own path and also in my counseling work: don’t ever assume that you know where someone else is on the path; focus on your own evolution instead (paraphrased). For it is so easy to start categorizing and hierarchising … and that is yummy food for the ego 🙂 In truth, we are all the same consciousness imagining all the differences. Remembering that is the only healing we can hope for!