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Derek Whitney
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Hi Robin, Aurora, Deepak, Menas and all

It is an interesting question that you ask Robin:
are there ways to make this “hope” go viral?

The dishonouring human cultural conditioning has become very entrenched and as a result most ie: 99.9999% do not know their true identity, inner peace or power.

Many before us have tried, each using their own divinely gifted form talents to guide towards divine truth including most notably for me, but not exclusively Lao Tzu, Socrates, Confucius, Marcus Aurelius, Buddha, Jesus, Patanjali, Rumi, Tagore, Albert Einstein, Wayne Dyer, Eckhardt Tolle, Deepak, Menas and others each with varying degrees of success.

As most on here are aware – the truth to which all the aforementioned point is the simple, profound truth of who and what we are.
Which is the infinite, eternal, formless, timeless, Loving ‘One Being’ miracle.

How do we guide millions living in cities beyond business, beyond thought, beyond humanness and to the divinity that they are?
Is there any need to? Can we be content to do our best and accept whatever is?
Simply do our best, without forcing as that is not nature’s way – to lovingly guide others to return to alignment with nature / with their true nature – which is unlimitedly peaceful, powerful, creative, caring, sharing, benevolent, tender, playful, joyful, empathetic, kind, abundance generating pure Love being.
The true self which lies beyond any sense of individual self? Knowing, from being, the Oneness shared within and of all?

I believe we that hold awareness can only commit to our most honouring efforts, while surrendering any need to control or predict the outcomes. Simply be the Love that we are and that we want to see more of in this world. If we can align with many others in being so, literally nothing is impossible, Heaven can be co-created, which I do believe in some way, shape and form will come to pass, if not in the ‘half taken breath’ that is this form’s moment in cosmic time, then being content that while here in this form, one did one’s best, is ok.

Perhaps humans will simply play their part, as the dinosaurs did in contributing via an almost unlimited array of Love and Pain experiences to deepen Source capacity to be and create from Love.

All is divinely perfect always, exactly as it transpires when viewed with no thought, no judgement, total surrender, acceptance and gratitude for the wondrous Eternal and unlimited Loving truth that sits behind and within all.

And there is nothing but deep gratitude, appreciation and joy from this end for all that contribute as part of this forum and in other spiritual / truth / Loving ways to the unfolding story we all share.

Thank you and Namaste