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Derek Whitney
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Hi Deepak, Menas and Aurora

Thank you for responding to my question Deepak.
I appreciate both yours and Aurora’s thoughts.
To put into context, I guess I was asking, not on a human level, as in truth, as you know, we don’t exist.
But I believe, as Lao Tzu wisely pointed 2500 years ago – form is simply the vehicle that Source/TAO uses to ‘deepen it’s own capacity to be and create anew from Love/Truth/Beauty (which are one and the same).

When we truly know, from being, that nothing exists and that all experience is simply to deepen Source capacity to deepen it’s own capacity to be and create from LOve/truth/Beauty – is there ever really any ‘pain?
ie: Is pain real or simply an illusory human ‘story construct’ based on a non existent being which is form.

I believe that there is no pain.
There is only Source experience – all of which serves the only purpose – which is to eternally deepen Source capacity to be and create from Love.

I welcome any additional thoughts / contributions in response.

Thank you and Namaste

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