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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Shivansh:

These so-called “coincidences” are not random. The term coincidence sort of implies that. Another similar term is synchronicity. I prefer that term as it means (from Greek) things occurring at same time. As there is only one element of time, the “Now”, synchronicity occurs everywhere and in all circumstances. However, most of us miss the synchronicity because we are wrapped up in our little, finite, human minds that perceive everything through our filters of limited knowledge. So you are indeed fortunate that you have the eye to see these occurrences, that you have the discriminatory eye (in Sanskrit discrimination of what is right is called vairagya and it is the most important characteristic of a true seeker).The message in all these experiences is the same, You Are That, Thou Art That or as we say in our book You Are the Universe. Don’t worry about not being able to decipher their direct implication, the meaning becomes obvious later on as you ponder such events. Plus, as you say, you may obtain mysterious solutions to certain problems or questions in your life. But you are also bring up another, most important point: That feeling of gratitude. It is gratitude that keeps us in touch with our true nature, That and which keeps increasing vairagya. Discrimination of what is right is tied to gratitude. What is “normal” experience after all? All experiences are experiences! The wisdom in each is Thou Art That. Meditation increases and focuses the power of clear mind (to see things).

Continue as you are, you are doing great! And the universe is indeed conscious universe. And You Are (that) Universe. The cosmic mind operates through your mind.

Love and respect,


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