Reply To: Readers Ask: What Are Meaningful Coincidences?

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Shivansh Mahajan
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Much gratitude to you for this fantastic response Dr. Chopra, for taking out some valuable time from your schedule in Riyadh. Also, my apologies for looking at your response a tad too late.
I am now more confident that these so called ‘coincidences’ represent the extension of my personal self to the cosmic self (though essentially both are one). My body, my senses, my thoughts, my emotions and my experiences are all part of my ‘human universe’ and hence, coincidental phenomena are evidences of that. Interestingly, this is what ‘You are the Universe’ teaches me- oneness of the conscious universe.
Also, I have made note of the 7 steps to magnify my conscious experiences that you suggested in the video. These are precious suggestions for me. Thank you for motivating me to keep moving on my spiritual journey. I hope to keep in touch to discuss more experiences and feedback in future.

Lots of love,
Shivansh. 😀