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Thankyou for that posing thought Shivansh that life is within coincidences. The synchronicity of being. I have become more and more aware that I am creating this life here by my own projections that are within myself. This started a couple of years ago when I went on a journey of self discovery and decided I wanted to help people through art therapy. I left my place of living and moved to another city. It was around this time that I was asking my higher self about my calling or what to do and whether I was making the right choice of direction in my life. I started off by seeing 11.11 on my phone and clock everywhere this went on for a couple of weeks and it turned into 21.21 and 22.22 and then 23.23 this went on and on on my phone and clock and everywhere I went.
I did end up moving cities and the number sequnces continued. And when I had a descion or something of significance that was happening the numbers would appear. usually on a car number plate ahead of me on the car in front and then my phone and then another car and another car plate etc. I have had it happen continually at times all day as I have travelled. Often a 666, then a 777 and a 888 or a 999.
I moved back to the same city that I had come to and since I have begun asking similar questions within myself about my calling and following my heart over head I get number synchronicity happening again with car number plates in front of me as a I drive. There has been moments that I have thought is this all psychological am I creating this experience and wanting these numbers to appear? And there actually is a moment within myself that I ask for guidance and the sychronicity of numbers appears in front of me like a sign.

I have taken all this to deeply reassure me that I am indeed connecected to a higher divinness in the universe. If I take this a step further this is myself projecting out and confirming my inner state of consicouness out into the plane I am living in here, and perhaps giving me or allowing me to see that there is indeed sychronicity within my life and in all life. Which leads me back to what you have said about how life within coincidences.

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