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Aurora Carlson
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Thank you for sharing your story @ziewatt , I think that you touch on a very important aspect, namely that synchronicities are nudging us to, as you say, follow heart over head. Not random emotional impulses, but the deep guidance and wisdom we often sense through our heart.
I also very much like the way you see it as circular, a dimension of the self projecting out and communicating with another dimension of the self. I think this and @shivansh ‘ thought of life within coincidences resonates beautifully with the ideas offered in You Are the Universe and the experience of sages who affirm that the synchronous realm of pure consciousness is what lies beyond and gives rise to all passing life stories. Following the guidance of synchronicity has to me been a way to realize that awareness itself is the only identity and reality.

Reading your story I found myself marvelling over the different ways synchronicity works for each of us. Numbers have never been prominent on my path, and it seems that for you, they are. For me it is most often about words or thoughts turning into matter. So interesting to notice that the guidance doesn’t come randomly or uniformly, it is always tailored in the best way to be noticed and understood by that particular person.