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It is interesting this has happened over the last few years, I never saw numbers in a particular way before although I was always aware of energy and vibration of numbers and like thoughts they have energy and vibration such as we attract what we put out often and this manifest into a physical experience, and not always how we envisage. The numbers to me represent energy and vibration, and seem to be insync often with how or what Iam thinking as a thought in my day. Earlier in my life I played the piano and have sung also my whole life so I have known and felt that music also has an energy and vibrational connection to a spiritual realm connected also to frequency and vibrational atunement in notes and numbers while also connecting with colour. I used to see people as a type of colour and as a note from the scale and such as a g major with a green hue, growing up and I lost this ability to feel and see what a persons vibrational quality was.

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