Reply To: Readers Ask: How Do Intentions, Goals & Purpose Fit Together?

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Aurora Carlson
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Hi again Ana, thank you for your response, and how nice that you know and appreciate Lund! 🙂

I am thinking that every change has to start somewhere, and every one of us who has a new view needs to express it but mostly live it. If you believe that love is truth and the rest is ego constructs, and if you demonstrate this belief in all your actions, then I can’t see how it could not change the world.

But I believe that for the world to change, we must go even deeper. Have you read You Are the Universe? The authors affirm that the world is in us, in our consciousness. They say that the world is qualia, meaning qualities of experience, and we can choose consciously, in that way creating the world anew with each act of perception.

If that is true, it means that we have a say in how life stories turn out 🙂 How would you like your story to turn out Ana? What qualities of experience do you cherish and want more of? How can you create more of that in the world you experience? Do you see what I mean?

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