Reply To: How Did Life First Begin?

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Vikram Chauhan
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The answer lies in quantum mechanics. When an electron is not observed, it goes into possibilities. It means it goes into possibilities of thoughts.

Life is nothing but thoughts. Before thoughts came into being, there were only possibilities of thoughts.

So, life started from possibilities – from possibilities of thoughts. Possibilities are always there – they are eternal. And life started from a pool of eternal possibilities – possibilities that are nebulous.

To go a bit deeper, when an electron is not observed, it goes into possibilities – but these possibilities are “locked” to some extent. Since you still think that it is an electron. If the possibilities were not “locked” by your thinking, you might see a proton or a neutron.

It all depends on the amount of locking.

To give an example, in the double slit experiment, when mediators concentrated on the electron, the diffraction pattern reduced.

So, it all depends on how much you lock the possibilities of thought.

A possible thought was locked and converted into an actual thought – and thus started life.

And these possible thoughts are the thoughts of God, if you like – possibilities can only occur in consciousness. So these occurred in the consciousness of God. But God is immaterial – so these possibilities could not be materialized. Until a material thing was born. And that material thing was a thought. So from possibilities of thought we had actuality of thought – the same way a possible electron is collapsed into an actual electron.