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Vikram Chauhan
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There are two routes that can occur (A. or B.)-

For point 5. above, it is important to note the following:
5. The actual thought collapsed other potential thoughts into actual thoughts (both animate and inanimate objects)

a. After step 4, when an actual thought goes into possibilities, it goes into a plethora of possibilities.
b. When we again collapse one of the possibilities into actuality, we still have other possibilities to collapse
c. As the actual thought develops, so does the possibilities of that thought develop (for the case it goes into possibilities)

This is different than step 4.
4. The universal consciousness collapsed the potential thoughts into an actual thought

a. The potential thoughts were just collapsed into a single actual thought
b. We didn’t have more than one collapse – we just had one collapse: just like wave of electrons is collapsed into a single electron

a. The universal consciousness collapsed one of the possible thoughts into an actual thought – the rest of the possible thoughts remained in potential
b. Once the actual thought was born, it had more control on the possible thoughts than the universal consciousness – and collapsing of thoughts depended solely on him
c. The actual thought had more control on collapsing the thoughts in potential because the universal conscious was now a “weak” collapsing force, as compared to the actual thought

Out of the two routes, route B seems more plausible. Please let me know what do you think?