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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @vikram-chauhan , it was nice reading your thoughts!

Deepak very often makes the point that what we call “the universe” is simply what he sometimes calls SIFT, meaning Sensations, Images, Feelings and Thoughts- in consciousness. He does not equate consciousness or awareness with thoughts. In You Are the Universe he and Menas Kafatos write:

…thoughts, sensations, images, and feelings […] are the contents of the mind. Remove the contents and what remains is pure consciousness, which is silent, unmoving, beyond time and space, yet filled with creative potential. Pure consciousness gives rise to everything, including the human mind. (2017, p. 243)

I don’t think there is a single book among the many he has written in which he doesn’t point to the transcendent source beyond thought, to what he sometimes calls the field of infinite potentiality. There is much written about this already 🙂

Another thing you might enjoy reading in You Are the Universe is the authors’ view on time. We are so used to considering our universe in terms of linear time (with a beginning of the Big Bang type and evolution of species, etc.). But the only real time is the present. All else is mental stories. I think you might enjoy reading that chapter 🙂