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Hi @jenniferl ,

Thank you for your thoughtful responses! I especially appreciate your statements that explore conscious participation as “the wholeness of being in action at the point of orientation”. To your comment, “aligning ourselves so that the response we receive from the universe is in accordance with our highest intention possible” I would like to emphasize the process or the journey here. You continue with, “We want to be careful what we ask for and do we really know what we’re asking?” One of the hardest, and most valuable, lessons I’ve finally allowed myself to learn is that ASKING the question IS the point!! ☺ I often find in our society that we’re almost expected to have the answer before we ask, or the destination before the journey. This is the opposite of what we really see in nature! In YATU, the authors mention this as a difference between the (paper, two-dimensional) map and the (living, three-dimensional) territory.

In the case of what we’re asking for, then, I’ve found that “our highest intention possible” continues to grow, as do our experiences, thoughts, and expectations, creating new intentions, hopefully more and more aligned with our true Self as the process continues. I also believe that as long as the underlying intention is to positively express your Self, the path will flourish and unfold regardless of whether you think you’re asking the “right” questions, because the fact that you’re already posing queries means you’re on your highest track!! ☺ I welcome thoughts and comments. ☺

Light and love,