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Vikram Chauhan
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Hi Krista,

Thank you very much for clearing my doubts.

Now I get the big picture of it. The universal conciousness collapsed the thoughts that were in potentiality and, an actual thought was born.

And that actual thought was the first thing in the universe. That thought had its own conciousness- which was a drop of the universal conciousness. And that actualized thought could only choose from the potentialities in the drop of consciousness. And thus was born the first living being. And the living cell divided and finally came human beings who extrapolated the universe to the Big Bang.

@question: is my line of thinking correct here? Please foward my question of the creation of the universe to the authors. I really want to know how the universe got created- from its very inception till now.

In my theory of the universe, not only consciousness collapses the potential of thoughts but, thought itself also collapses the potential of thoughts.

Thanks a lot,