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I love this discussion and, in my mind, tie it back to the idea that we are all having a human experience. Our puppy Daisy has a very sensitive tummy and yet, every time I take her for a walk, she eats everything bad for her–grass, mud, worms, tissues, ballpoint pens. Leading to a bout of diarrhea. I was wondering aloud to my brother-in-law, who is a doctor and dog lover, too, why she never learns that when she eats bad things, she gets sick, and he reminded me that she doesn’t tie together the same cause-and-effect of bad food-bad tummy that we, as humans, might deduce over time.

Which made me wonder, would an animal universe have different attributes that we may not recognize? For example, dogs have a much more sensitive sense of smell and hearing than humans–what are the qualia of an animal universe and can we even begin to understand this alien-to-us world?

And if we create a nurturing environment (universe) for them, does that then nurture us, in return? I’ve written a story as part of my book/learning platform Edge of Yesterday that explores part of that question.

In my view, if we are the universe, and the universe is all, then our worlds are interconnected with animals and any non-human (alien) species yet-to-be-discovered. Can we grow our awareness to include non-human experiences? I’d love to hear the animal-universe observations of others in this forum.

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