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Aurora Carlson
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Hi @robin, such an interesting discussion you are opening up to!

I think that we have a lot to gain by realizing that the human intellectual perspective is only one possible way of knowing (and creating) the world. As I see it, your puppy is not drawing conclusions the way humans do, but that doesn’t mean she is not pursuing and making good choices. And we humans have the capacity to communicate with the animal world and know the perspective of any being if we only go beyond our intellect. We can ask questions in consciousness, and if we keep our mind open, the answer will come. When I asked what your puppy is doing, the answer I received, in human terms, is that she is looking for more nourishment both physically and mentally. And when you think of it, it makes sense. If she has a sensitive stomach, she probably has an imbalance that makes nutrient absorption more difficult, and from there, her natural behavior would be to chew on everything and anything in an attempt to receive that which is lacking in her body. Also, being a puppy, it’s not that strange if she is researching everything arising in her world in the most thorough way she can- by eating it up 🙂 It is a way to ingest more experience, and I guess that your puppy could be one of those souls curious and hungry for a lot of exciting stuff.

After receiving this answer my intellect wanted to know it could be valid and so I googled and found this: 5 Reasons Dogs Eat Dirt. There are similar answers given, which is nice. But my immediate interest after such an answer is to ask: if Robin’s puppy is in consciousness, can her digestive problems be solved in consciousness? Which is what I experiment with when I do distance healing. So that is how the universe looks like seen from here 😀

Other thoughts?