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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Vikram, how wonderful that you are aware of the importance of introspection. The question of identity has been central to humans during all times, and all wisdom traditions but also philosophy have looked at this question in depth.

Any human activity is done from some kind of conscious or unconscious answer to this particular question, from a definition of self that implies some degree of self-awareness. Physicalist science has assumed the role of explaining the world to humans in the last couple of hundred years and sadly, it has shaped a lot of people’s minds according to the view that ” I am a thing which has appeared randomly, has learned to think, has to fight to survive and will vanish through death”. So I fully agree with you that finding out who we are is the most important quest anyone can embark on.

As to the authors of You Are the Universe – I hope you do realize that the entire book is an affirmation of an expanded identity, thus a call for both science and humanity to reassess the narrow physicalist answers we have collectively been holding. In other words, this entire forum is about that particular question and its ramifications. On the forum you will find a topic started by Menas called Who Am I and if you google “Deepak Chopra who am I what is my purpose” you will get over 19 million hits, as these are the two main soul questions Deepak has guided everyone to ask for over 40 years.

So dear Vikram, I guess that the question “Is there any way I can spread the importance of this meditation” has been answered by the authors in innumerable ways during the years, including with this book and forum. Also, you might find that many if not most members of the forum are actually people who are already exploring our true identity.

Maybe you are looking for your own answer? If so, let us know what you come up with 🙂