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Thanks for that article and your tuning in to Daisy’s energy, Aurora. Great stuff! I suspect, as you suggest, it’s mostly puppy exploration, curiosity and play, although balancing her diet by adding-in bone meal sounds like something to investigate. When she gnaws on raw bones, unless we take out the marrow and all the good stuff first), her digestive track gets equally activated–in an unhealthy way!

I love the idea of attuning to dog (and other animal) consciousness. There is so much more to know–and it does bring me back to the question of “How do we know?”

I tuned in after I wrote this post to @deepakchopra and his Facebook live talk yesterday–where he mentions the fact of other animal consciousness (if I recall, he mentions elephants and dolphins, among others–and he mentioned plants, too). More synchronicity–a phenomenon that fascinates me and one that I become more-and-more aware of all the time.

Are we all truly facets of One Mind, pulling similar awarenesses from the “aether” as it was once called? Is that Field of Awareness and our ability to attune to that higher frequency a way for us to “know” together?

And, if so, how can we widen that perceptual ability to, in turn, widen our ability to create from the field together a more joyful, compassionate, equanimatable (is that a word?) universe where we harmonize?

So many questions…!