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Vikram Chauhan
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Thanks aurora for your reply! Yes, I am on a journey of discovering myself. My journey started about 13 years ago – when I first asked myself the question “who am I?”.

Over the 13 years, I came to know that I am nothing else but the universe. But that takes me to a further quest – what is the universe (since the answer to my question does not end here)? And learning from my spiritual teachers like Deepak, Amit Goswami, Menas and many others, I came to know that the universe is pure potentialities.

Potentialities is a thought construct – it a construct of consciousness.

But what consciousness are we speaking of, without any being? So there has to be a conscious “being”. And that conscious being is God.

A God that is formless and timeless. A God that has only one attribute – and that attribute is consciousness: we can call that consciousness universal consciousness or cosmic consciousness.

Yes, I have come a long long way in my journey – and there is a long long way to go. And the most thrilling part of it is that the journey never ends.

I have the book “You Are the Universe” in my hands right now and am thrilled to see what all new horizons it is taking me to, in my journey.

With love and respect,

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