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I think it is very hard, if not impossible, to reach that point where a new right choice can be made which will bring the result because once you feed your subconscious with something, especially if you say that this must not change, your subconscious will bring you every opportunity for it to not get changed. It will make sure that all the circumstances and everything is arranged in such a way that the change does not become possible. You will not be able to connect with your higher self again to change it, your mind will not be able to focus. For example, if a child made a wrong choice in the past and told his higher self that he didn’t want to be accepted into an educational program because it would be too hard for him to study there, his parents want him to be accepted into that program though. Several years later, when it’s time to enter the program (now he wants to get accepted), somehow he won’t be able to score well in his previous educational work in order to get accepted into the program even if he wants to because his subconscious( or higher self or God , whatever) will make sure that he cannot make the change. Once a thing is in your subconscious, it has to execute. That is the only job of the subconscious mind. There has been a lot of research on it. So, it is not easy (if not impossible) to change your program in the subconscious. That’s the point my question revolves around. You will be lacking in motivation to reconnect or even other things will be arranged in such a way that a change will not be possible. Things might change if you had said I do not want to get accepted in the program and later you said I want to get accepted in to the program but if you had said I do not want to get accepted and no matter what I do to change it in the future, it must not change, and later if you said I want to change it and get accepted, it will not change and you will not get accepted because your subconscious is making sure that whatever you do to change it, it does not change. That’s the dilemma.

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