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Hi @robin, @aurorac, and YATU community,

What a fascinating discussion indeed, and I am so pleased to be creating it with you all! I have also often wondered about the animal experience, and in fact I was on my way to becoming a vet because I love their furry souls so much! Yes, I do believe they also have souls, and I’ve seen many a life spark fade from this world to help solidify my views. ☺ I was a vet tech through college, and was fortunate enough to help perform surgeries on animals before the universe told me my mission did not, in fact, involve vet school. (What an awakening THAT was; my family literally thought I had had a mental breakdown when I declared the news that my spirit was guiding me from vet school toward helping people.) From the physiological standpoint vet medicine brings, as well as animal behaviorists, we see that puppies act like children, as Aurora said, exploring their environment just as babies do, and just as we did as we were babies, eating grass from boredom or curiosity. They typically throw up less than 25% of the time, and in less than 10% of the time this behavior signifies something worse like an upset stomach, lack of fiber, or intestinal parasites.

As we create our universe, it only makes sense (now!) that these little creatures are extensions of our Selves and how we react with our own experiences to continue that construction. And that is something that vet medicine doesn’t explore, of course! I have two service animals, a yorkie and a shepherd, and their primary “jobs” are to essentially alert me to the energy I’m putting out. When I get tense, they feel it, and when I’m so stressed that I have an upset stomach, guess what? They have the same physical issues. In this way, they help me maintain a balanced, healthy environment conducive of what Deepak describes as our ground state. I am so lucky in that I get to see exactly HOW, as you say, creating a nurturing environment for them nurtures us. Robin, when your puppy has an upset stomach, how are YOU feeling? What have you been recently adding to your home’s energy field? ☺ I’d love to hear some follow-up if you experiment with this! 😀

I wish I could see the world through animal perspectives, like you Robin! What do they see, what do they smell, what do they FEEL? How does a praying mantis see, or a walking stick, or a duck? Raised on a farm, I know that each species highlights a set of unique gifts, and in spending time with them you can’t help but feel those same gifts being activated within oneself. Riding horses is one of my favorite activities, and in this connective act I am offered the sense of freedom the horse has been evolved to experience. Standing still in a chicken coop, I felt the peace of the nesting mothers. I love your question, Robin, “Can we grow our awareness to include non-human experiences?” and that Deepak mentioned it in Facebook live yesterday! I can’t wait to hear it. I believe we can, and I choose to do so! ☺ I welcome other perspectives! 😀