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Derek Whitney
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Very interesting Illiana and all

Yes, perhaps a higher form state, which may arise in a few million years down the track, will be one which can actually feel the experience of a duck, or a dog, or a tree, yet be none of these.

Literally anything is cosmically possible and I do see some very interesting Facebook videos of cross species Love, including Human and animal Love. I’ll clarify my definition of Love as only being the recognition of the invisible Oneness/Formless/Feltness/Consciousness shared.

I have recently, more consciously when in nature daily, to more deeply look from invisible me to the invisible within each and all. It is a truly joyous experience to more deeply ‘see’ from beyond sight, the miracle that is every species, to imagine what the coastal falcons and pelicans overhead must be experiencing as they gracefully glide by, to see the odd dolphin catching a wave and sometimes gently, slowly meandering along, as though in an aquatic ballet. It is all so incredibly gifting.

Created by us, for us… cool is that : )

Loving the forum and the wide variety of human form contributors…if only the birds, dolphins and others could join us….they’d probably all say just stop thinking and fully live the unlimited miracle this is.


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