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Dear Menas,

I just saw your post now and yes! I totally agree with you that any kinds of egos need protections for safety reasons- wealth, creativity, and most importantly ongoing kosmos reasons. Throughout ages, physicists, leaders, psychologists/psychiatrists, and everything else in between trying their best to solve mysteries of everything that seemed in need of fixing. In this tech era, I do not think we need fixers, solvers, but we do need doers that have balanced ego. We need ego,but we do not need egos that are rigid and wouldn’t change its consciousness. There are many ways to approach presenting matters. For example, Art of War, its strategy to fight and seize lands, is used today even it was written in 500 BC. Chinggis Khan learned the tactics, and he conquered half of the world in 13th century, and surprisingly his techniques are in high regard in modern day’s militarism. When I look at it, I am like we are still in primitive state, and it is sad to see revolutionary ego struggles. Of course, it is boringly sad because I perceive it as boring and sad.If we are talking about earthly egos. Personally, I think it depends on anxiety, sophistication, and pursuit of subconscious minds desires. Chinggis Khan did it and Eminem rhymed it. Chinggis and Eminem both had rough childhoods. Chinggis acted on it with Art of War and Eminem seized his subconscious minds’ emotions in one breath. Walls to protect by means, protecting oneself from wild animals that makes a sense, Ego the protector. If we are just building walls based on creativity, fear, or outdated belief systems, ( software), then it is one’s worldly choice. In a spiritual sense, I do see false egos as entities that act like thought patterns and also depending on your emotional baggage(s) and energy field; it can shift for better. I have to ask you if you even believe in some sorts of paranormal thought activities? Evolution seem like in need of dividing into sub-categorizing with new names like evolution of paranormal activities, evolution of classic cosmos, and evolution of quantum physics in pursuit of participating particles that have no drama etc. I hope I kinda made a sense, overall it is all my observation on whatever.