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Aurora Carlson
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oh how wonderful that process is, when we find ourselves asking “is it really true??” “can it truly be so??”
It has happened to me so many times, and I guess you know that slowly, a surprising new insight that can be both scary and delightful turns into certainty, into knowing. You have asked several times “how do we know”. Well… my answer is that we know in different ways. We know through our senses and intellect, which is what most people today call knowing, but we also know due to our Being being undivided, which means that on a deeper level everything is known to the All. This deeper level is not consciously open to all, so many live life unaware of that realm, I was one of those people. My process has involved many “can it really be true??” along the way, until I realized that yes, there are no barriers in consciousness.

You also ask how we can increase the ability to know in the deeper way, so let me share a little to see what it brings for you. Like @lilianna-deveneau describes in her fascinating story, my dharma too is serving people so for me it has been about the intense desire to help, to heal. I found that through that desire and continued activity in that direction, the information I got/had about my clients kept becoming more accurate and revealing, to a point where it could not be motivated by anamnesis or anything else “usual”. I found that when diving deeper, to the soul level, and when asking questions with the pure intention to help, awareness always brings that information which is relevant for that particular purpose. I smiled when I read your story Lilianna, because the mirroring of physical symptoms is something I did too in the beginning of my work with healing, but eventually I understood that I did’t need to experience the state of my clients literally, haha… it is still a challenge, because if I am not attentive, I find myself suffering emotionally/physically when tuning in, instead of just intellectually registering the needed information.

Still, even if working with people has been my focus, this expansion doesn’t happen in one direction only. I will never forget the first time when I heard a fish “talk” with me. I was at an aquarium, staring in disbelief at the fish about whom I suddenly knew more than I ever thought was normal. I knew who that fish personally was, how she felt, what she lacked and needed, and her sadness was almost unbearable. I had relatively recently stopped being able to eat meat and chicken, and this was the moment when I gave up fish too. Back then it was not an easy feat, as no one around me was a vegetarian or knew how to survive as one. And yes, it was before the age of internet (laughs) so imagine how motivating the encounter with that fish lady was! Of course I doubted my sanity and didn’t tell a soul, for it was not normal for fish to talk other than in Disney movies 🙂

Plant life, nature at large including weather phenomena was even easier to open up to, through the love for the forest and sea, through, as @derek-whitney describes, love, because love is the truth of unity, and it really is beyond any romantic notion, it is truly the Truth 🙂 In the beginning I went through a phase that could compare to animism, where every being had a soul with which my soul connected in love, we communicated, and the love we shared caused my desires to be fulfilled in love by those form of life. I wished for rain on dry summers, it invariable came, I wished for sunshine on droopy winter days, it happened. I wished for the tornado to calm down before it hit the coast, it did. I wished for that cloud to cover the sun, stay there and keep shade, it did. I wished for the lake or forest to become clean and healthy again, it did. It was like my love was answered unconditionally, in total love by all these souls. One late winter day I was walking in the grey forest, wishing I had some young branches to take home, to see them grow green leaves that I longed for so much, but I had long ago stopped cutting anything off trees. Moments later, I arrived at a huge pile of branches that was covering the road (the owner had just cut them) and I smiled and thanked, knowing it was a gift of love. But all this was only one station on the path, the journey continued with a million other signs, opening up to the realization that there IS no “me” and “you”, not even when it comes to forests, lakes, tornadoes, fish, and anything else. It really all is one, conversing with itself, asking and answering, appearing as many.

In reality, we are not many, my friends 🙂

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