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Aurora Carlson
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Yes @mc , I can do that, I think your first post is the actual question, while in this later one you have more clearly explained what you mean, so they merge beautifully. It will take a little while but be sure that an answer will come from the authors.

As to my take on your question- I believe that nothing can limit us if we are aware of it. So the moment I become aware of a decision I took in the past which does not serve me anymore, I have the capacity to choose anew. The habits of thought and behavior will of course still be there for a while creating the same type of world, but with awareness I can stop and choose again and again, reinstating new habits and thus walking into the experience I truly want to have. It is not impossible, I see it happen all the time in my own life and that of many others. Nothing is set in stone, everything is a process and in reality we are free to choose in every single moment.

But I do understand if it feels differently- that is because in that particular point, you are still caught in the belief of impossibility. So my advice for you would be to see if you can challenge your own story of impossibility in the smallest of ways, start doubting the doubt so to say. Is it really true that the story is as you tell it now? What do you win on keeping the story so fixated? What are you afraid will happen if you change it? Is it really dangerous? If fear was not a voice you believe in and listen to, what would you actually want to do? Is another outcome than failure truly not possible? Do you not know anyone who has grown despite fear and childish resistance to growing? And so on… as soon as a belief shows itself, simply research it deeper. What you need, I would say, is increased awareness of your own freedom. Wishing you best of luck, this is experimentation we all do in order to realize who we are!