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Dear all,
Love how this conversation can embrace the whole of a more conscious life: fish, horses, plants and sea, not to mention the myriad variables of humanity!

Aurora, I appreciate your teaching me a new word: anamnesis. I looked it up and see that the second definition has to do with how a patient describes his/her medical history, which I am supposing is the way you are using it here. But the first definition is quite interesting:

Recollection, in particular, the remembering of things from a supposed previous existence (often used with reference to Platonic philosophy).

I love the word Recollection in this context. In this sense, we are not only tapping into the collective consciousness in the present of our presence, if I might refer to this lifetime, but of all Time, all Place and all Being. I perceive this experience in Being expanding beyond the universe to the multiverse (#YATU #YATM). What a gift!

I appreciate your Disneyesque experience of the fish. (As for me, I talk to my houseplants, and in Nature, to pebbles and rocks–and no, I don’t tell most people about that either!) And @lilianna-deveneau, your sharing how you tune in to the ways your pets experience their environments as a barometer for the health of the environment and your own (although, I must confess, the image it conjured in me was She tells me that she needs to explore her world this way now, it is her way of “knowing”. And though she appreciates my attempting to “protect” her tummy by yanking her nose out of the dirt and grass, she feels deprived of a very powerful sense (qualia) when I do that.

So as with a baby, it’s a balance between protecting them and letting them explore. I wonder if this can be a two-way communication; she tells me what she needs, I tell her my concerns and we can learn from each other? I guess I’ll need to talk to her this way more often to find out.

Yesterday, for Mother’s Day, my family (and Daisy!) hiked at a nearby nature center. We climbed a lookout tower spying butterflies flitting in-and-out of the trees about halfway up. At the top, we watched a hawk circling and soaring above the tree line tracing graceful swirls in a sky-blue sky. None of these creatures noticed us, as our human presence was so out of place above the trees.

The center also has an aviary for rescued birds or those raised in captivity who couldn’t survive in nature–a vulture, a hawk and an owl. We–all these species, including human–watched each other in fascination (although the vulture apparently wanted to play with Daisy and climbed down from its perch to stick its beak out of the cage. She got close and started barking but the vulture was pretty cool with it). I wondered how the birds all perceived us, each from their own species’ strengths!

It’s amazing to think we might cultivate, as @derek-whitney suggests, this ability over time (and what is time anyway if all is happening in the Now?) to evolve ourselves into the Human 2.0 where we can “feel” the experience of a dog, a duck, or a falcon. Can those of us who are curious, as we become more aware, help speed that evolution, even as Aurora describes her fish tale above?

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