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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the continued convo! What exciting perspectives you each bring; I am truly grateful! @aurorac, I love how you explained your “Can this truly be?” journey from unawareness to conscious Being. Thanks also for your honesty regarding the transference of physical and/or emotional symptoms with your energy work with clients. And your fish story!! It was absolutely incredible, and I was astonished because you described an unforgettable experience I just had about two weeks ago! It was also with a fish!! I didn’t “hear” her, but I felt the stabbing pain and panic; it was horrific. As my husband and I walked through the market, I told him how sad it made me that this was the state of their last experiences. Vegetarianism is something my hubby and I have been trying to adopt (it has been a 2 year process), and I believe that was the final push I needed (and requested) from the universe to help me fully align my beliefs with actions (something that is significant to me: evolving!). @robin and @derek-whitney, perhaps the process you both describe with your wondrous connection to nature could be described as Bevolving?! ☺

Inspired by Aurora’s recalling of signs of love from the universe, I asked for some signs of my own. I was immediately and continuously presented with gifts from the universe, signs including a distinct heart shape in my coffee, the rain stopping at my request, and new flowers in bloom that literally took my breath away as the universe whispered in excitement, “These are for you!” Thanks for nudging me to deepen my connection with the One Source! ☺

Robin, I so enjoy your progressing understanding of Daisy’s unique passion to collect qualia experiences! ☺ I can certainly identify with that! 😀

Derek, I love the human 2.0! We continue to see shifts of consciousness and advancements within our short lifetimes—it makes me so joyful and hopeful for the future! I believe you’re right about what the animals’ advice for us would be! The more I remain open and present from my heart and less in my head, the more blessings I continue to receive!

I also appreciate how these YATU forum convos continue to reference our daily life through distance and time! Aurora, I have recently been reading about Asanas! (And about dharma—thank you!) Anamnesis is an intriguing phenomenon of which I’ve been told of once through personal experiences. Could you perhaps share some of your favorite examples or insights (being sensitive to confidentiality goes without saying, of course! ☺) you’ve learned from your work with clients?

Sending light and love to each of you, and a warm embrace, knowing we are one! ☺

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