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Dear Elena,

I found your question irresistible and open for discussion! I hope you’ll agree.

Is fear based reality an optical illusion? The bible tells us that wherever two or more shall agree it is given to them. This lends credence to the universe being a human construct, as written in YATU.

Seen from the Above… is a very different reality than the one seen at the personality level of being. Timelessness, boundlessness, egolessness, is a reality for some. How would the Earthly plane look from that level of being? Soul identified or not, it still exists; it must on some level or we may never have imagined it.

“I can only imagine” are words used to define a particular phase of reality in the imaginary, but which can manifest on Earth because we will it so, even when we’re not conscious of having done so.

When we come “eye to eye” with soul identified reality, we know ourselves to be one with the Universal. It’s not a magic show which brings it through, but our realization of the Self on a higher turn of the spiral than the one bound in time-space. We want to act upon the highest knowing of ourselves once realized, so that it can return to us, as in the complementary universe written about in YATU.

Perhaps, if you are ever wondering where you stand in your reality, look at what your closest relatives are reflecting back to you. Is it loving guidance? Or conflict and mayhem?

In my house, it’s both! ;P

@elena, it’s a pleasure meeting you on the forum! I love your question as it sparks in my imagination!

Jennifer L