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Aurora Carlson
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Hi @sree , glad to see you on the forum and thanks for your explanation with the gold. I remember that Deepak has used that metaphor in Why Is God Laughing, have you read it? I loved it, it was great fun to read …
I usually think of this issue in terms of the screen being more real than the movie projected on it, but of course, metaphors can only go so far. In the video Deepak says “the gap is not a construct” meaning that thoughts are constructs but the gap between them is not. I guess that summarizes his explanation. I wonder what @bernlern makes of it.

Btw, I have thought about you lately Sree, let me know if I can help in any way to restore your video viewing experience 🙂
Also, FYI, I can see the test post you made. Hoping you are having a great day!