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Aurora Carlson
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Wow Lilianna, how amazing this is. Truly. I mean… you too have had a fish as a “teacher”? And you know what one thing I didn’t write in my prior post, because it was getting too long? I didn’t write about all the signs. Heart shapes everywhere for me too. It has lasted for years, and it was a constant dialogue and guidance from life. Until one day when I was immersed in reflecting on a difficult situation, wondering if to follow my mind or my heart, and the belt I had around my bathing robe fell to the ground – in a perfect, big, heart shape. And you know, at that moment I was shaken, because OK, I understand that cut red beets and bell peppers and travelling clouds and dishwasher liquid, and rain puddles and sleep marks all happen to form perfect hearts ten times a day, but bathing robe belts?! At that moment I finally, finally understood … But maybe I shouldn’t spoil your fun in case your “bevolving” is ongoing? 🙂

To answer your question about insights from the work with my clients… it actually led to the secret that Deepak and Menas are revealing as widely as they can 🙂 I was grounded in physicality when I started, and that’s a great place to start. I wanted to help, and in the beginning I used physical means. Ayurveda, which is qualia medical science, has been my path from the physical to consciousness. So from changing my clients’ health state with the help of physical tools (foods, herbs, spices, oils, fluids, massage, etc) I slowly moved to changing things through mental and energetic tools only. And lately… it’s obvious that it is Being that is doing all the doings anyway, on any level. So I could say that the effort I used to put in achieving my goal of helping people has diminished as the physical has stepped back and the real has become clear.

Are you working with clients in some way Lilianna? If so, how do your insights help you?

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