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Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for the post.
Consciousness (the ocean) is curving or vibrating within itself and transforms as a subject and object of expression (the ocean transforming as drops) giving the appearance of separation. We experience the world from our subjective point of view. We see objects and beings as existing on their own, separate from us. This is the veiling principle meaning that the conditioning of the mind creates separation and disconnects us from oness, our true identity. The denial of unity gives rise to diversity and multiplicity. The mind creates this kaleidoscope of different objects but if you look at a kaleidoscope they all look different but all are one. The most profound things in life are the obvious ones. The mind ignores the obvious and looks for the drama. Separation is an illusion because objects, the body, mind and the universe are forms of consciousness and consciousness is all there is.

Our ultimate goal is to find enlightenment , the connection to our true identity which is pure consciousness (the ocean), the ONE observer, what brings all things together .
Wisdom traditions refer to this formless being as the spiritual domain. When we recognize and experience this state which is unity, we experience our inseparability with each other and that gives rise to feelings of love, kindness,tenderness, peace and compassion.