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I am reading the book but I haven’t completed it. Ive been listening to Deepak’s answers to the questions for quite awhile. Do you think Qualia can be passed down to our children? We pass our DNA to our children and it is beyond amazing how the zygote with no “brain” has an intelligence all its own and directs the making of the embryo. It is so obvious to me that Consciousness is directing this, but it does involve preexisting DNA. I know that DNA is a human construct but from our human point of view that is what we have in order to communicate with one another. I know that epigenetics is a newer area that deals with this concept. I love the idea that you are mixing science with spirituality. The great teachers from all of the different “religions” sure knew the deep meaning of life. Dr. Kafatos and Dr. Chopra I believe that putting these two areas science and spirituality together is the only way that makes our path clearer. Thank you both.

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