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Aurora Carlson
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Hello @sree , thank you for asking this question, we would love to see more images on the forum! 🙂

In our Support and Announcements forum there is a section called From the Administration. In that section, we will try to gather different tips and tutorials for the members. One of the topics you can find there is How to Post Images on YATU. Under Tip 1 you will find the specific answer to your question.

The reason why you don’t see a “browse” button when you try to post images is because on a WordPress platform like this one, the server would have to upload all the images posted by the members, and thus host them. That would make the entire website very heavy and would make the forum less user-friendly.
So in order to use pictures, they need to be hosted elsewhere and only linked here. In the topic I mentioned above, there are tips of where one can host pictures easily and for free.

I hope this answers your question dear Sree, otherwise just ask 🙂 Also, know that we are always happy for tips and ideas.