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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Angela, wow, I had no idea that they are trying to do something like this, mind boggling, isn’t it?! The funny thing is that when I read “head transplant” I thought that it is the head that is being donated, to be attached to the body of someone who needs a new one. Be sure that I’m laughing! This is funny in so many ways to me.

I know that most people, doctors included, see the brain as the seat and even source of consciousness, but the thing is that awareness exists in all cells of a body, and if personality is a continuation of identification with certain experiences, then the question is- which memories and tendencies will be dominant in upholding a continuum, right? So if the head that is the physical manifestation of the karmic bundle called Person A is connected with the body that is the physical manifestation of Person B, what will AB answer when (s)he is asked “who are you”?

That’s a very interesting question and I guess it depends on the level of awakening of consciousness in the AB “area”. If consciousness is bound by physicality, there might be confusion, or simply a blending of A and B. The outcome can very well be shaped by what the people involved believe will happen. But if consciousness is free from physicality, it will always answer- I am consciousness and the AB body is one of my possible expressions.

Very interesting topic Angela! What do you think, would you like to share?