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Descartes gave us the famous words, “I think, therefore I am.” Is it true that our minds (or consciousness if you prefer)come up with the thoughts and ideas and following that we believe the perceptions that follow and act upon them?
I believe that our minds are connected to the universal consciousness yet we do think and act independently based on the perceptions arising from our thoughts which therefore do influence reality, at least here on earth. Most people see reality as the here and now aspects of their lives and are closed to the greater realities of the universe. If every person on earth meditated frequently on ‘peace,’ I believe that the thoughts arising from that through the universal consciousness would result in a more peaceful world. Sadly, there are many who are not ‘in the right place’ to contribute to this but I wonder if those who are would be enough to influence reality.
My response here is a fraction of the tip of the iceberg, I hope it is helpful.

Peace, love & happiness
Steve C

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