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Hello Everyone!

It’s my understanding so far, we’re never meant to hold on to forms: people, places, things, ideas. This is true so far as I can see, even when what is coming through is a paradigm shifter, such as with the blessing of YATU. There is always the next step. But, have we taken the time to assimilate what we remember, so far?

Whether the vessels are broken or whole, all forms will eventually break apart to allow what’s new to come through, in my experience so far. @bernlern Perhaps, you are sensing there is more to the story of the Self? <3

When the world is so filled with forms and ideas, how do we know what to pay attention for?

My understanding so far, it’s through our inner awareness that we recognize the truth when it comes to us. Some might argue that there is too much available, like sensory overload, to see it clearly. But, isn’t the path a series of letting go to see oneself more clearly?

All of our struggles come back to a reference to the Self, as one of my spiritual teachers would say, “Within, within, within!” Go there.
In the process of self-discovery, we attract our likeness. We know what book, what reference, what person, etc., because it aligns with one’s integrity at the level of intuition, and then becomes a reflection for further self-awareness. If we’re unconscious we go through boot camp. If we’re conscious, we’re truly blessed with understanding and can take the next step consciously.

I get the sense sometimes that the spiritual path means to some denying ourselves of all the gifts of the world. It took me a while to remember that the world is of myself and the gifts are a reflection of my whole being. What am I intuitively in alignment with? How do I recognize this? How does this knowledge help me with knowing who I am?

Namaste! @aurorac, @sree, @bernlern, and to the authors, it feels like old home-coming, when I come to this forum.