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Ana Sanjuan
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Thank you Jennifer and Aurora.

I have a question: @question How do we become an instrument of consciousness?

The context of my question is the following:

We know that humans are extensions of consciousness; we are THAT, we ARE consciousness. And Humans are aware of being aware, and we have choice in our thoughts and actions. By being aware of Qualia- our thoughts, images, feelings and thoughts- we can be intentional about embracing or reframing our qualia, and thus be actively creating our world.

When we are tuned in, we can source directly from consciousness- we can ask “consciousness, what would you like me to do? tobe? How may I serve today?” And if we listen, we will hear a clear answer.

So I have been playing with this in my daily life- tuning into source awareness and taking leads from it.

I am curious what the authors and our YATU forum members would advise are the tools for becoming, and deeping, our ability to be instruments of consciousness.

Thank you,

Ana Sanjuan